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by Epic Armoury Unlimited

LARP enthusiasmAt Epic Armoury Unlimited, we are ardent gamers who love to share our LARP enthusiasm and talents with wanders across North America. When you call us up or walk into our medieval store, we genuinely enjoy hearing all of your crazy and funny stories about your epic adventures and heroic battles. We feed off your passion and your enthusiasm encourages us to design new and exciting Larp gear. We love to share our knowledge and experiences with all and actively participate in all aspects of the Larp community. So if you have an idea just give us a shout. 


We really enjoy explaining to customers how to correctly use their LARP weapon and discuss the restrictions according to combat style and the armor they wear. We adore giving them tips and tricks on costuming and roleplaying in general. Not everyone knows the difference between a buckler shield and a Viking shield. Or the proper use of a tower shield versus a heater shield in close-quarter combat. So we show you in actual live combat or share it through dialogue and/or videos. 


We often do small one on one combats with our customers right in the warehouse. Manipulating the LARP weapons gives the customers a chance to really test out our weapons and use this opportunity to share our fighting knowledge with them. Most of our customers are excellent fighters, some just need a few pointers! Some show us techniques we don’t know, but one thing is for sure…we are all very passionate about Larping.


Our entire staff participates in this passion. Each of us has our own favourite LARP we go to, and some of us chose to team up and fight in the same guild at the same event. It is quite clear that Epic Armoury Unlimited is all about LARPing and it gives us a chance to test out our weapons and armor at the same time. 

Patrick Penning,
Epic Armoury Unlimited