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by Patrick Penning

At Epic Armoury Unlimited is all about Buying Local, but you have to understand just what buying local truly means. On a small scale, our locally owned business helps make Larp more accessible to players by providing ready-to-use foam weapons and medieval armor that fit well and cost less. Within the live-action role play and cosplay community, a significant portion of your money is spent on costumes and costume-related accessories. The need for affordable Larp Gear may mean a greater number of players can rapidly access this ever-growing game.


Being Local, although part of a European Corporation, means we need to support the community by participating in all aspects of the Larp Life. We have excelled at being a proactive part by helping stores, artisans, larps, schools, and events create opportunities for players and organizations to participate and grow. We have been a positive aid in strengthening the whole community, and we have had a positive economic impact on the local community.


Our business has donated to all types of non-profit events and teams and is a charitable part of the Larping Community. Being Local, we have a great understanding of the market and products needed. We take our time to get to know our clients' and consumers' needs and encourage others to invest in the Larp scene. We have always been transparent and united in our efforts to build a better future for the community. Our business selected a Brand of products based on the interest and the needs of local customers by guaranteeing a broader range of product choices and price.


Epic Armoury Unlimited believes that only through collaboration and innovative ideas can we create a thriving community. The best ideas are often generated from within the communities we work. We take an interest in the Larp community's needs and opportunities in North America by creating collaborative ideas and partnerships that have impactful plans that can be replicated in other regions. We just don't talk about our projects. We implement them with our partners and work together to better the community. We cultivate our relationships with people and organizations to create and spread solutions. We have built a strong trust that has had a meaningful impact, and we are proud to work with our partners.

Here are just a few of the companies and organizations that we have worked with and helped over the years!

Arkadia Médiévale
Atelier Nemesis
Bélénos Grandeur Nature
Bestarius Grandeur Nature
Bicolline Medieval Immersion
Dracolite Medieval Store
LARP's the Series
Les Chroniques d'Akéras
Les Terres de Nogard
La Maison des Jeunes de Adomissile
La Maison des Jeunes de Saint-Bruno
La Maison des Jeunes de Saint-Martine
La Maison des Jeunes de St-Rémi
Les Artisans d'Azure
Les Forges d'Arcalion
Les Soeurs d'Armes
Production L.O.L
Salon de la Passion Médiévale
Underworld Larp (all chapters)