Reward yourself with one of our Latex Short Swords! Epic Armoury short swords are the weapon of choice for both rogues and fighters who like to fight in close-quarter LARP combat. Our latex swords have a realistic appearance and are a harmless option over the conventional boffer style short sword. They are extraordinary LARP fantasy weapons built for any style role-play character. Carry one of our latex short swords on your next mission and discover unparalleled speed and control!

Classic Latex Short Swords (11)

Wakisashi Short Sword, 60cm


Machete, 60 cm


Kriegsmesser Sword, 60 cm


Elven Blade, 60cm


Orc Sword, 60 cm


Leonidas Sword, 70 cm


Princess Sword, 60 cm


Hunter Sword, 60 cm


Elven Short Sword, 60cm