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The Epic Armoury Larp Axe (foam axe) comes in many shapes and sizes, but all are equipped with the same safety standards meant for LARP weapons. In this section, you will find a range of axes that were meant to inspire tales and recreate epic battles. Get the foam axe that most resembles your role-play character and use it to strike fear into your opponents.

Foam Axes for LARP (30)

RFB Axes/Hammers/Maces (2nd Quality)


Sapper Shovel, Wood - 60 cm


Woodsman Throwing Axe


Hirdsman Foam Throwing Axe


Folding Shovel, 60 cm


Dark Elf Foam War Axe, 90 cm


Elven Wing Foam Axe, 150 cm


Foam Boarding Axe, 62 cm


Gothic Foam Axe, 90 cm


Haxe, 85 cm


Chaos Foam Axe, 110 cm


Double-Headed Foam Battle Axe, 85 cm


Executioner Foam Axe, 85 cm


Foam Hand Axe, 55 cm


Dane Foam Axe, 150 cm


Dark Elf Foam Axe, 65 cm


Single Bladed Foam Axe, 105 cm


Orc Foam Axe, 90 cm


Orc Big Foam Axe, 150 cm


War Scythe, 60 cm