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Our LARP Polearms (Foam Polearms) include Haleberds, Axes and the infamous Naginata. Polearms have many utilities, and they are offered in a range of sizes and styles that can suit most LARP characters. Use our Polearms to block or strike opponents safely due to the padding along the shaft and tips. They can also be used as a costume weapon at your next Renaissance Fair or Cosplay event. We offer extraordinary medieval and renaissance styled foam polearms such as the classic medieval halberd, Guisarme and the devastating Ox Tongue Partisan. These awesome Latex weapons will help your LARP character dominate the battlefront. The LARP Polearm is a formidable weapon that can be used by a knight or warrior as an offensive or defensive weapon. The polearm is an excellent choice for those leading the onslaught on the battlefront due to their versatility and range. The Pole Axe is almost always used to maximize damage or disarm opponents. Our arsenal contains a series of battle-ready Glaives and Poleaxes that offer the safety and durability you need in battle.

Foam Polearms for LARP (15)

Staff/Spear (2nd Quality)


Yari Foam Spear ( Long ), 255 cm


Foam Vibro Glaive, 190 cm


Single Bladed Long Foam Axe, 190 cm


Foam Battle Scythe, 190cm


Foam Vibro Hammer, 150cm


Foam Lorian Glaive, 190 cm


Dark Elven Foam Glaive, 190 cm


Foam Halberd, 190 cm


Foam Naginata, 180 cm


Kings Guard Foam Halberd, 190 cm


Steel Soldiers Foam Halberd, 190 cm


Foam Gear Axe, 155 cm


Ox Tongue Partisan, 190 cm


Foam Vibro Axe, 158 cm