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Our huge selection of latex LARP Shields is big enough to maintain an army. Out tough, light foam shields are made for hard combat and are an excellent companion for any warrior. Our LARP shields come in a selection of styles that can accommodate any type of soldier or fantasy style. These foam shields are great if you need something to protect yourself during battle. Our combat ready shields come on several shapes such as round, rectangular, tear drop and extreme fantasy. Choose the form you prefer based on your character style then charge safely into battle! 

Foam Shields for LARP (95)

Norman Shield, Blue and White


Thegn Shield, Blue and White - 80 cm


Medium Shield (2nd Quality)


Buckler Shield (2nd Quality)


Thegn Shield, Green & White - 80 cm


Iarla Sleipnir Shield, Large - 80 cm


Large Drang Shield, Red - 80 cm


Templar Shield, White/Red


Templar Shield, Wood/Steel


Templar Shield, Red/Gold


Norman Shield, Wolf - White


Thegn Shield, Red - 70 cm


Thegn Shield, White - 80 cm


Iarla Shield, Huginn and Muninn - 70 cm


Medium Drang Shield, Green - 70 cm


Crusader Shield, Wood


Crusader Shield, Black and White


Crusader Shield, Wood and Steel


Crusader Shield, White and Black


Templar Shield, Red