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Use our Polyurethane Foam Pauldrons is the perfect Shoulder Armor for LARPers seeking better protection without the weight. Our LARP shoulder armor is impervious against hard strikes from foam weaponry and helps you conserve energy. These medieval and fantasy style pauldrons will not rust or rot and are appealing as a costume piece or as real armor on the LARP battlefield. This foam armor can be reshaped by heat and repainted to fit your character's style. Use this armor to parade around at a Renaissance Fair or at a Costume event, knowing that you will not tire from the weight. Our Foam Shoulder Protection is an excellent alternative to steel or leather and will not fail you on the Battlefield. You may use this armor in LARP combat or as a costume element at your Renaissance Fair or Cosplay event.

Foam Shoulder Armor for LARP (4)

Knightly Spaulders


Mercenary Spaulders


Nordic Pauldrons


Spartan Pauldrons