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We are the best LARP Store to find quality Foam Spears for LARP that is both beautiful and safe in combat. Our Medieval Store carries an impressive selection of durable medieval spears, foam pikes and foam lances to help you dominate the battlefield. Our fantasy spears are padded for protection and are equipped with a flexible fibreglass core and come in a variety of models, ranging from medieval to high fantasy. Our beautiful Latex and Foam Spears have a durable latex coating with a thrust protected Kevlar tip for added security. The spear is useful as an offensive or defensive weapon in LARP combat due to its extended shaft. Historically, the spear is the best weapon to use because of its length and the ease to use in battle. In addition, our spears have extra padding on the shaft for use in close-quarter combat. The point of our Foam Spears has a foam-tipped blade, and they are intended for slashing rather than poking at your opponent. On average, Spears usually cause more significant damage in LARP warfare and have greater leverage than a sword when in battle formation.

Foam Spears for LARP (11)

Viking Foam Spear, 190 cm


Sentinel Foam Spear, 180 cm


Ancient Foam Spear, 190 cm


Dervish Foam Spear, 190 cm


Staff/Spear (2nd Quality)


Yari Foam Spear ( Long ), 255 cm


Yari Foam Spear, 190 cm


Foam Spear of Light, 190cm


Orc Foam Spear, 190 cm


Guandao Foam Spear, 170cm


Rune Foam Spear, 190 cm