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A LARP Foam Staff, better known as a quarterstaff, can be quite deadly in the right hands. Contrary to Foam Swords, Foam Staves can be used by Monks, Wizards, Clerics and Peasants who require some protection while adventuring.  Some of Epic Armoury Unlimited's Foam staves have a wood grain effect similar to the traditional Bo staff used in Martial Arts. Our LARP Staffs are versatile and safe, offering both range and protection in Combat. Our Foam Staves are ideal for travelers, mages, rogues, and LARP characters who's class requires bladeless or blunt weapons. Our lightweight foam weapons have a flexible fiberglass core with padded tips to safely strike opponents or cast magical spells.

Foam Staves for LARP (8)

Mage Foam Staff, 190 cm


Braced Foam Staff, 190 cm


RFB Foam Staff (Wood), 190 cm


Arch Mage Foam Staff, 190 cm


Foam Quaterstaff (Wood), 150 cm


RFB Foam Staff (Steel), 190 cm


Foam Staff Mace, 190 cm


Foam Staff (Wood), 190 cm