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Epic Armoury is the trusted brand for Top Quality foam swords for LARP. Our two-handed LARPING weapons are all designed for safe role-play combat. Our awesome LARP-ready claymore swords are incredibly durable in combat and vary in style and are legendary to wield. Choose between our classic Latex Two-handed Swords or our Hybrid Two-Handed Swords and discover why we make safety in role-playing our mission. 2 YEAR WARRANTY!

Foam Two-Handed Larp Swords (8)

Baal Foam Sword, 140 cm


Nodachi Foam Sword, 140 cm


Nodachi Foam Sword, 140 cm


Two Handed Claymore Foam Sword, 140 cm


Great Foam Sword, 140 cm


Caprine Foam Sword, 135 cm


Nightmare Foam Sword, 135 cm


Panabas Foam Sword, 140 cm