They all feel like lambs going to slaughter when confronted with our hybrid Two-Handed LARP Swords. These Claymore swords were created to be the supreme role-play weapon. Epic Armoury has combined the reliability and safety of a latex blade with the resistance and durability of polyurethane foam. Our foam weapons will give you the look and the feel of a real sword, and the thick latex coating on the blade will ensure years of fun. We create products for experienced LARPers seeking the dependability of a LARP weapon. If you dare dream of victory, then use this foam sword for hunting your enemies! Take advantage of our impressive two-year warranty on all two-handed LARP swords.

Hybrid Two-Handed LARP Sword (3)

Caprine Sword, 135 cm


Nodachi Sword, 140 cm


Nightmare Blade, 135 cm