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Our Post-Apocalyptic collection of realistic zombie killing LARP weapons are safe for any LARP. Whether you need to defend your home from invasions or attacks from the undead, these modern day LARP weapons will do the trick. Do not be afraid to hack and slash your way through the hordes of undead eager to eat your brains out. These realistic weapons make roleplaying easy and are safe to use. Made from shred resistant foam an coated in latex, our weapons help recreate the untamed modern world we so dread. 

Large Post-Apocalyptic Weapons (14)

Vibro Sword, 105 cm


Chainsword, 100 cm


Cog Bat, Wood - 87 cm


Baseball Bat, 80 cm


Fireman Axe, 92 cm


Sledge Hammer, 92 cm


Red Barbed Wire Baseball Bat, 80 cm


Cog Bat, Yellow - 87 cm


Bush Hook Green, 97 cm


Bush Hook, Red, 97 cm


Yellow Barbed Wire Baseball Bat, 80 cm


Wood Barbed Wire Baseball Bat, 80 cm


Blue Barbed Wire Baseball Bat, 80 cm


Long Chainsword, 110 cm