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With the growing popularity of safe archery in America it is to no surprise that LARP bows have become extremely important. Those of you not yet familiar with LARP archery can appreciate the efficiency of such weapons and how they introduce new ways to increase the overall experience for all players. Epic Armoury Unlimited has a wide range of LARP bows that feature a low draw weight of 24-26 pounds which is ideal for any LARP. When used in combination with our line of LARP arrows they have been proven to be very safe and efficient and require little to no maintenance. Medieval day camps love these types of bows because of their look, feel and safety and are regularly used for target practice. 

Bows (17)

Scythian Horsebow


Horseman Bow


RFB Small Deluxe Bow, Polished Black


IDV Bow, Brown and Gold


Medium Squire Bow


Small Squire Bow


RFB Deluxe Horsebow, Polished Black


RFB Medium Deluxe Bow, Polished Black


IDV Bow, Black


IDV Bow, Brown


Osage Orange Wood Bow


Long Bow, 200cm


RFB Horsebow


Medieval Youth Bow


Medieval Flat Longbow


RFB Bow, Medium


RFB Bow, Small