We are the best-known supplier of quality LARP Armor in the world and we offer an impressive amount of Metal Armor and Leather Armor that can equip any army. We make fully functional suits of armor designed for live-action role-playing, placing an emphasis on safety and durability in combat. Our LARP armor protects the individual from harm while providing interesting alternatives to the traditional style of bulky armors. Within the confines of our armory you can find body armor, head armor, leg armor and arm armor that range from the classic medieval to high fantasy armor. Let us help you discover the ideal type of character you wish to play at your next LARP event! 

Larp Armor - All (311)

Milanese Pauldrons, Dark Steel


Orc Shoulder Armor, Black (2nd Quality)


Alaric Chainmail, Dark Steel - (2nd Quality)


Illumine Greaves, Brass


Soldiers Leg Protection, Dark Steel


Scout Leg Guards, Polished Steel


Scout Leg Guards, Dark Steel


Soldiers Leg Protection, Polished Steel


Soldiers Belt Shields, Dark Steel


Scout Belt Shields, Dark Steel


Captains Belt Shield, Dark Steel


Ragnar Chainmail, Dark Steel (2nd Quality)


Ragnar Chainmail, Steel (2nd Quality)


Soldier Torso, Dark Steel


Raider Armor, Rusted Steel


Raider Bracers, Dark Steel


Milanese Couter, Dark Steel


Illumine Bracers


Soldiers Arm Protection, Dark Steel


Scout Arm Guards, Polished Steel