Epic Armoury Unlimited has a vast selection of leather Larp belts and pirate baldrics suited for any warrior. Our medieval fantasy belts accentuate your costume or armor and help keep your LARP accessories close and within arm’s reach. Our costume belts are made from genuine quality leather and can be used as a part of any LARP costume. The leather belt is perfect for any swordsman or knight giving you an authentic style and a great way to hold your LARP weapon close by and ready for battle.

Larp Belts (40)

Leather Godfrey Belt, Brown


Leather X Belt, Brown


Belt Soft, Cotton Belt, Natural


Barbarian Belt, Black


Barbarian Belt, Brown


Sword Belt, Black


Sword Belt, Brown


Laced Sword Belt, Dark Red


Laced Sword Belt, Dryad Green