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Staying hydrated on the battlefield when LARPing is very important. We have a wide range of leather bottle holders, thermos and potion holders to help quench your thirst, keeping you replenished for epic battles. No matter if you are in the realm of high fantasy or medieval historical accuracy, any LARPer can make practical use of our Glass Potion Bottles. Intrepid adventurers, thieves and wizards of all sorts find our bottles indispensable, whether kept filled or empty. Many of our bottle holders are available in different tones, allowing you to retain a color scheme to your costume. All of our hand-crafted holders can be fastened to your belt, allowing for quick access. Every bottle you find in this category allows you to carry around whatever fluids, powders, poisons, or potions that you might need in a live action role play setting.

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Small Potion Flask