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LARP Chainmail armor is the preferred armor for warriors eager to go into battle. Made from a series of interlocking rings, this iconic piece of LARP armor offers the protection and flexibility needed for aggressive fighters. Epic Armoury offers chainmail hauberks and coifs that were designed specifically for live-action role-playing. Our chainmail armor is great for Vikings, Roman soldiers or traditional medieval warriors. Chainmail is best worn on top of a gambeson to help absorb the impact from blunt weapons. Chainmail armor is an affordable solution that will protect your head and body in battle while giving you the protection you need to complete any quest. Chainmail tunics are comfortable to wear and tend to hug the body, making them ideal in close-quarter combat. Made from 1mm butted steel rings, this is the affordable and perfect LARP armor for any combatant.

Larp Chainmail (16)

Captain Chainmail, Steel


Alaric Chainmail, Dark Steel - (2nd Quality)


Ragnar Chainmail, Dark Steel (2nd Quality)


Ragnar Chainmail, Steel (2nd Quality)


Alaric Chainmail Coif, Dark Steel (2nd Quality)


Alaric Chainmail Coif, Steel (2nd Quality)


Riveted Chainmail, Steel - Long Sleeve


Riveted Chainmail, Dark Steel - Long Sleeve


Alaric Chainmail Coif, Steel


Chainmail Mantle, Steel


Alaric Chainmail Coif, Dark Steel


Chainmail Skirt


Alaric Chainmail, Dark Steel


Alaric Chainmail, Steel


Ragnar Chainmail, Dark Steel


Ragnar Chainmail, Steel