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Epic Armoury Unlimited has a huge LARP crafts section dedicated to would be weapon smiths and cosplayers. You will find a variety of LARP craft products available to be able to fabricate your own cosplay armor and LARP weapons. We introduce this section for those of you who need to make specific items not readily found, feel free to use your imagination and experiment and test new and creative ways to make your ideal accessory.

Crafting Supplies (25)

Chainmail Armor Making Book


Cutlass Sword Handle


Dwarven Sword Handle


Small Sword Handle


Squire Sword Handle


Jian Sword Handle


Viking Sword Handle


Katana Sword Handle


Sabre Sword Handle


Eva Foam Sheets


Fiberglass Tube, 180 cm


Fiberglass Rod, 10mm


Clear Liquid Latex


Black Liquid Latex


Large RFB Shield, Unpainted


RFB Round Shield, Unpainted


Foam on Tube Staff, 180 cm


Foam on Rod for Sword


Goblin Overlord Mask, Unpainted


Large Viking Shield, Unpainted