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Our high-density Polyurethane Foam Armor offers the same protective qualities as our steel or leather armors but without the weight. This maintenance-free fantasy armor provides a realistic look that is ideal for Live action role play or cosplay and designed to provide comfort and convenience to the warrior. Our foam armor is for LARPers who want to look authentic but do not want the discomfort or weight when required to wear over long periods. To the untrained eye, our polyurethane armor is difficult to distinguish from their metallic counterparts. The flexible nature of this armor means that it can bend to the contours of your body in a way that rigid steel will not and the maintenance-free finish will not rust and can be worn in any weather.

Foam Armor for LARP (34)

Outrider Cuirass, Polyurethane


Palace Guard Cuirass with Tassets, Polyurethane


Barbarian Cuirass, Polyurethane


Outrider Greaves, Polyurethane


Palace Guard Greaves, Polyurethane


Barbarian Greaves, Polyurethane


Outrider Pauldrons, Polyurethane


Palace Guard Pauldrons, Polyurethane


Barbarian Pauldrons, Polyurethane


Palace Guard Vambraces, Polyurethane


Barbarian Vambraces, Polyurethane


Outrider Helmet, Polyurethane


Palace Guard Helmet, Polyurethane


Barbarian Helmet, Polyurethane


Nordic Greaves


Mercenary Greaves


Spartan Greaves


Knightly Greaves


Knightly Cuirass


Spartan Musculata