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LARP gear is basically any handy costume accessory that a player may need to complete his LARP character. Customizing your LARP character will help define you and accentuate your roleplay experience.

Having the perfect medieval belt or the ideal sword frog will help replicate the authentic feel for the period, enhance your game play, and bring you to another level of fun. You can find an array of medieval camp gear and period accessories for renaissance fairs or give a rich experience to live-action role-playing.

Gear & Equipment - All (244)

Maintenance Silicone, 250 ml


RFB Kite Shield, Unpainted


Celtic Gloves, Brown


Dragon Fantasy Coins, Gold


Clear Liquid Latex


Rogue Sword Holder, Black


Suede Celtic Gloves, Black


Thieves Gloves, Brown


Thieves Gloves, Black


Plague Doctor Mask, Black


Small Potion Flask


Large Thin Leather Bag, Black


Leather Scroll Holder, Brown


Double Potion Holder, Brown


Laced Bottle Holder, Black


Left Hand Adventurer Sword Holder, Brown


Right Hand Long Scabbard, Brown


Left Hand Fur Holder, Black


Right Hand Fur Holder, Brown and Black


Right Hand Sword Holder, Black