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Leather LARP armor has its advantages in combat. Epic Armoury Unlimited provides excellent quality leather armor that is stylish and comfortable to wear and can be worn at any period event. Our leather LARP armors can vary from a traditional style armor to awesome fantasy armor. Create your own unique look by combining any of our leather armor together in your own unique way.  Our leather armor is perfect for medieval reenactments, renaissance festivals, cosplay or role-play events and adds a touch of credibility to your character. Genuine leather provides a great lightweight and flexible alternative to other types of armor and is commonly used by rangers, elves, rogues or would-be assassins. Remember that in LARPing, you cannot kill what you cannot catch. Follow this link if you're looking for Metal Armor.

Medieval Armor / Renaissance Armor for LARP (Leather) (82)

Orc Shoulder Armor, Black (2nd Quality)


Complete Orc Brute Armor


Ratio Thigh Guard


RFB Viking Armor, Black (2nd Quality)


Left Hand Leather Gauntlet, Black (2nd Quality)


Right Hand Leather Gauntlet, Black (2nd Quality)


Pax Armor, Red


Claw Bracer Black and Beige , Left Arm


Claw Bracer Black and Beige , Right Arm


Dark Elven Deal


RFB Fighter Armor, Brown, XLarge (2nd Quality)


RFB Fighter Armor, Black (2nd Quality)


RFB Viking Armor, Brown


RFB Viking Armor, Black


RFB Fighter Armor, Brown


RFB Fighter Armor, Black


Rogue Female Armor, Black


Left Hand Leather Gauntlet, Black


Right Hand Leather Gauntlet, Black


RFB Viking Greaves, Brown