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In this section, you will find a series of LARP ready Maces and Hammers designed by a devoted team of LARPers like you. Made from foam and coated with latex, these blunt weapons are ideal for priests and warriors who wish only to crush their enemies. With a sharp mind on safety, each model of mace and hammer is produced to give you the best control over your weapon. We hope you enjoy our latex weapons and we will see you soon on the battlefield.

Maces & Hammers (19)

Fleur Mace, 88 cm


Demon Slayer Mace, 85 cm


Imperial Mace, 85 cm


Footmans Mace, 80 cm


King Mace, 105 cm


Dwarven Great Hammer, 152 cm


Giant Stone Hammer, 105 cm


Wood Mallet, 40 cm


Warhammer, 85 cm


Sun Hammer, 140 cm


Guardian Hammer, 85 cm


Bar Mace, 70 cm


Skull Crusher Mace, 85 cm


Wooden Club, 85 cm


Stone Mace, 86 cm


Steel Mace, 95 cm


Noble Mace, 95 cm


Short Mace, 70 cm


Giant War Mallet, 103 cm