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Our LARP steel bracers come in a variety of sizes and models and help protect your arms during combat. You can choose from a wide selection of arm protection and arm guards to help protect your character from glancing blows on the battlefield. Our fantasy bracers are often used to accentuate a costume or be a decorative addition to any LARP fighter’s outfit. All of Epic Armoury’s Medieval bracers are made from 1 mm mild steel and have rolled edges for the safety of all combatants. Some of our metal bracers are made from polished steel while others are blackened to help accentuate the piece and to protect against rust. Our arm protection is ideal for the avid LARPer but is not intended for live blade. Please consider wearing a gambeson undergarment for added comfort and protection.

Arm Protection (Metal) (20)

Bazuband Bracers, Dark Steel


Bazuband Bracers, Polished Steel


Dark Drake Bracers


Enclosed Arm Protection, Polished Steel


Floating Elbows, Dark Steel


Floating Elbows, Polished Steel


Gothic Arm Armor, Polished Steel


Jack Chains, Polished Steel


King Bracers


Milanese Couter, Polished Steel


Ratio Elbow Armor


RFB Bracers, Polished Steel


Rogue Arm Protection, Black/Brown


Soldiers Arm Protection, Polished Steel


Splint Arm Armor, Black


Splint Arm Armor, Green


Splint Arm Armor, Red


Viking Arm Protection


Warrior Bracer, Dark Steel


Warrior Bracers, Polished Steel