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In our Medieval LARP Armor section, you will find a wide variety of functional and complete metal armor and armor parts that ranges from the high fantasy to the historical medieval period. Our fully functional medieval and renaissance armor is the perfect costume accessory to protect you in combat. Browsing through our vast armory, you will be able to equip yourself with the level of protection you desire for your favorite role-play event. Our LARP armor comes in an assortment of styles, colors and types to fit your knight's body and keep you safe during LARP battle. Our fantasy armor is excellent for medieval reenactments, weddings or role-play events. Metal Armor adds a touch of authenticity to your character. Our ready to wear armor comes already padded and has all the attachments necessary for the knight to enter into battle hastily. We sell chainmail and breastplates as well as full plate armor and armor parts for the avid LARPer. Our Steel Armour is designed to make you feel safe and protected when entering battle. Follow this link if you're looking for Leather Armor.

Medieval Armor / Renaissance Armor for LARP (Metal) (231)

Scout Gauntlets, Dark Steel


Illumine Cuirass Armor, Ancient Brass


Dreki Helmet, Matte Steel


Gut Plate, Dark Steel


Sabatons, Dark Steel


Dreki Greaves, Matte Steel


Dreki Cuirass, Matte Metal


Dreki Arm Guards


Dreki Pauldrons


Dreki Belt Shields


Renegade Vambrace, Dark Steel


Raider Belt Shield, Dark Steel


Renegade Belt and Tassets,Dark Steel


Renegade Cuirass, Dark Steel


Ratio Helmet, Polished Steel


Renegade Choker, Matte Steel


RFB Leg Protection, Dark Steel


RFB Bracers, Dark Steel


RFB Bracers, Polished Steel


Raider Leg Guards, Dark Steel