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In our LARP Armor section, you will find a wide variety of functional and complete metal armor and armor parts that ranges from the high fantasy to the historical medieval period armor. In our armory will find everything you need to suit yourself up in quality polished steel armor, blackened metal armor or even leather coated steel armor. Browsing through our vast armory, you will be able to equip yourself with the level of protection you desire needed for your favorite role-play event. Our LARP armor comes a variety of styles and types to fit your body and will keep you safe during LARP battles. Our fantasy armor is excellent for medieval reenactments, renaissance festivals or role-play events, adding a touch of authenticity to your character. Our ready to wear armor comes already padded and has all the attachments necessary for the knight to hastily enter into battle. Feel safe, secure and protected by the perfect LARP armor.

Larp Metal Armor - All (179)

Bazuband Bracers, Polished Steel


Scout Gauntlets - Polished Steel


Soldier Shoulder Armor, Polished Steel


Alaric Chainmail, Dark Steel


RFB Breastplate, Polished Steel


Persian Helmet, Dark


Scouts Torso Armour, Polished Steel


Warrior Greaves, Polished Steel


Soldier Torso, Polished Steel


Visored Barbuta, Dark Steel


Churburg Shoulder Armor, Dark Steel


Giant Warrior Shoulder Armor, Polished Steel


Ragnar Chainmail, Dark Steel


Soldiers Gorget, Polished Steel


Dark Drake Gorget


Complete Warrior Armor, Polished Steel


Warrior Breastplate, Polished Steel


Viking Mask Helmet, Polished Steel


Secret Helmet, Polished Steel


Viking Spagenhelm, Polished Steel