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Epic Armoury offers you great deals on ready for battle LARP Metal Armor packages designed for the simple foot soldier to the typical medieval fighter. These LARP armor starter kits allows you to instantly feel like an authentic warrior from the medieval era or the fantasy realm. Each of these fantastic LARP starter sets are made from mild steel and are intended for roleplay type battles. Every armor gives you basically what you need to protect yourself, creating a light armored look and looking good while wearing it.

Larp Starter Kits (Metal) (13)

Black Ice Arm and Leg Set


Black Ice Armor, Light Deal


Black Ice Armor, Medium Deal


Mercenary Armor Deal, Black


Mercenary Armor Deal, Brown


Orc Rust Armor Deal


Ratio Armor, Light Deal


Ratio Armor, Medium Deal


RFB Arm and Leg Armor Set, Polished Steel


Undead Arm and Leg Protection


Undead Armor, Medium Deal


Undead Full Leg Armor


Undead Light Armor