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A steel LARP breastplate is an essential part of any warrior's armor. The breastplate is great to fend off frontal attacks and something that any respectable LARP fighter or paladin should own. Epic Armoury is pleased to offer a series of fantasy and medieval-inspired breastplates designed for your safety in battle. Our medieval breastplate armor is ready to wear and comes with adjustable leather straps and has rolled edges for added security. Our LARP breastplate armor is made from 1 mm mild steel and was intended for Live Action Role Playing only. The breastplate is excellent for protecting your ribs and chest from bruising during harsh combat. Comfortable to wear and impressive to look at, our fantasy breastplates will make you harder to kill at your next role-play event.

Breastplates (Metal) (27)

Rogue Torso Armor, Dark Steel


Scouts Torso Armour, Polished Steel


Soldier Torso, Polished Steel


Viking Armor, Dark Steel


Viking Armor, Polished Steel


Warrior Breastplate, Dark Steel


Warrior Breastplate, Polished Steel