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The Epic Armoury collection of Larp greaves come in a variety of sizes and models that can be worn on the battlefield. Larp warriors can choose from our selection of fantasy greaves to protect their legs from glancing blows on the front lines made to deflect and defend. Larp Greaves known also known as tibia protectors are often used to accentuate a costume giving you an authentic medieval look. The metal greaves can be a decorative addition to any wardrobe. All of Epic Armoury’s Leg armor is made from 1mm mild steel, have rolled edges and are ready to wear in battle. Our medieval style greaves are ideal for the avid Larper and resemble those that might have been worn by knights of old.

Larp Leg Protection (Metal) (25)

Sabatons, Dark Steel


Dreki Greaves, Matte Steel


RFB Leg Protection, Dark Steel


Raider Leg Guards, Dark Steel


Renegade Greaves - Dark Steel


Renegade Greaves - Matte Steel


Illumine Greaves, Brass


Soldiers Leg Protection, Dark Steel


Scout Leg Guards, Polished Steel


Scout Leg Guards, Dark Steel


Soldiers Leg Protection, Polished Steel


Floating Knees, Dark Steel


Floating Knees, Polished Steel


Viking Leg Protection


Black Ice, Full Leg Armor


Enclosed Leg Armor - Polished Steel


Rogue Leg Protection, Black/Brown


Dark Drake Greaves


King Greaves


Warrior Greaves, Dark Steel