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Epic Armoury metal tassets come in a variety of patterns and finishes and are intended for Live Action Role Playing. We offer an assortment quality LARP tassets made from 1mm mild steel to help protect your upper thigh during intense battles. If you're looking for a way to protect your upper legs and thighs during battle, there's no better place to shop than at Epic Armoury. All of our tassets provide armor protection to the upper leg and will not hinder leg movement. Our upper leg armor, or tassets, either come with their own belts and straps or belt loops to which you can combine with any armor. The tassets provide near-total protection and and necessary during frontal attacks.

Larp Tassets (Metal) (17)

Scout Belt Shields, Dark Steel


Mercenary Tassets - Polished Steel


Captains Belt Shield, Polished Steel


Scout Belt Shields, Polished Steel


Illumine Tassets, Brass


Faulds and Tassets, Polished Steel


Dark Drake Tassets


Warrior Tassets, Dark Steel


Renegade Belt and Tassets, Matte Steel


Soldiers Belt Shields, Dark Steel


Captains Belt Shield, Dark Steel


Soldiers Belt Shields - Polished Steel


Renegade Belt and Tassets,Dark Steel


Faulds and Tassets, Dark Steel


King Tassets


Warrior Tassets, Polished Steel


Undead Skull Plate Tasset