Our LARP Polearms (Foam Polearms) and LARP spears or staves have many utilities, and they are offered in a range of sizes and styles that can suit most LARP characters. The latex quarterstaff can be as useful to a mage or wizard or to a warrior or pikeman in combat. The LARP staff can be used as an offensive or defensive weapon and can be used to block or strike opponents. These harmless latex staves and spears are a realistic and safe option over the usual boffer style staves and can be used as a costume weapon at your next Renaissance Fair or Cosplay event. We offer extraordinary medieval and renaissance styled foam polearms such as halberds and pikes that will help you dominate the battlefield. Choose the best latex staff or naginata for your character and see what benefits you the most in combat. Although our Wood Staves and Metal poles may look real, they are perfectly harmless in battle and are pole-weapons of choice for those practicing martial arts.

Larp Polearms (26)

Single Bladed Long Axe, 190 cm


Arch Mage Staff, 190 cm


Battle Scythe, 190cm


Staff Mace, 190 cm


Orc Spear, 190 cm


Lorian Glaive, 190 cm


Dark Elven Glaive, 190 cm


Halberd, 190 cm


Wooden Quaterstaff, 150 cm


Naginata Polearm, 180 cm


Kings Guard Halberd, 190 cm


Sentinel Spear, 180 cm


Steel Soldiers Halberd, 190cm


Spear of Light, 190cm


Ox Tongue Partisan, 190 cm


Dervish Spear, 190 cm


Yari Spear, 190cm


Wooden Staff, 190 cm


Viking Spear, 190 cm


Mage Staff, 190 cm