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The Dark Moon collection from Epic Armoury was created to satisfy the needs of all those Zombie hunters out there! We sell the best selection of post-apocalyptic LARP weapons that closely resemble real zombie killing weapons. All of these theatrical props or LARP weapons have a fiberglass core and are made from durable foam then coated in latex. All the hurling weapons are coreless and cannot harm the simple mortal but cause massive damage to zombies, ghouls, and skeletons. Do not be afraid to throw our latex bricks at your neighborhood zombie, chop your zombie with our latex fire axes, crush a zombie with our latex mace or defend yourself with our latex chain sword and latex sewer shield. We hope you enjoy this section and dream up several other ways to dismember and maim your zombie.

Larp Weapons (Post-Apocalyptic) (47)

Foam Combat Knife, 35 cm


Ice Axe, Red, 63 cm


Vibro Sword, 105 cm


Ripper Chainsword, 60cm


Tonfa, 60 cm


Chainsword, 100 cm


Riot Shield


Police Baton, 56 cm


Sapper Shovel, Wood - 60 cm


Cog Bat, Wood - 87 cm


Monkey Wrench, Red - 50cm


Ice Axe, White, 63 cm


Ice Axe, Blue - 63 cm


Baseball Bat, 80 cm


Bush Hook Green, 97 cm


Pipe, White - 60 cm


Pipe Red, 60 cm


Pipe, Steel - 60cm


Foam Vibro Hammer, 150cm


Nail Club, 70 cm