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Our LARP Metal Pauldrons are designed with functionality and safety in mind offering important protection to your arms during roleplay battle. The Epic Armoury style of medieval fantasy LARP shoulder protection focuses on comfort without sacrificing visual design and with safety in mind.  All of our shoulder armor comes with rolled edges to prevent injury and prevent premature damage to your adversary's LARP weapons. Our medieval pauldrons can be purchased separately from your armor and are sold by the pair. This plate armor is made from mild steel is available in a variety of different finishes from polished steel, acid finish to dark metal. 

Larp Shoulder Armor & Pauldrons (Metal) (27)

Dreki Pauldrons


Renegade Shoulder, Dark Steel


Renegade Shoulder, Matte Steel


Raider Shoulder, Dark Steel


Milanese Pauldrons, Dark Steel


Scout Shoulder Plates, Polished Steel


Scout Shoulder Plates, Dark Steel


Soldier Shoulder Armor, Dark Steel


Ratio Gorget with Shoulders


Ratio Leg Armor


Churburg Shoulder Armor, Dark Steel


Churburg Shoulder Armor, Polished Steel


Merc Spaulders, Polished Steel


Giant Warrior Shoulder Armor, Dark Steel


Giant Warrior Shoulder Armor, Polished Steel


Soldier Shoulder Armor, Polished Steel


Milanese Pauldrons, Polished Steel


Splint Shoulders Armor, Red


Rogue Neck and Shoulders


Illumine Shoulder