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Leather Pauldrons are the ideal way to complete your LARP characters look. Our medieval leather shoulder armor was intended to provide protection during combat and allows unhindered movement during combat. Leather shoulder armor is lightweight and can be added to any costume to protect the wearer as well as to beautify the overall look. Our fantasy leather pauldrons come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are crafted from quality leather suited for Live Action Role Play or re-enactment battles.

Larp Shoulder Armor (Leather) (14)

Shoulder and Neck Armor, Black


Leather Pauldron, Brown


Leather Shoulder and Neck Armor, Brown


Leather Pauldron, Black


Shadow Shoulder Set


Orc Shoulder Armor, Black (2nd Quality)


Roman Pauldrons, Brown


Noble Leather Gorget, Black


Noble Leather Gorget, Green


Dark Elf Gorget, Black Leather


Orc Brute Shoulder Armor, Brown


Orc Brute Shoulder Armor, Black


Noble Leather Gorget, Dark Red


Orc Shoulder Armor, Brown