Epic Armory Unlimited is a supplier of special effect costume accessories that help add a little extra touch of reality to every player. From makeup and prosthetic ears to masks and contact lenses, we have what you need to complete your character and bring it to life. Our special effect products were designed for LARPers and developed for all gamers no matter the conditions. Our costume masks, props and makeup were designed to be worn for extensive periods of time and will change your appearance in exciting new ways.

Larp Special Effects (88)

Carnal Orc Mask, Green


Collodium - 30ml


Troll Fangs


Dental Fitting Beads, White


Orc Teeth


Trophy Mask, Dwarven


Skull Trophy Mask, White


Skull Trophy Mask, Silver


Malicious Goblin Mask, Unpainted


Goblin Overlord Mask, Unpainted


Carnal Orc Mask, Brown


Collodium Remover - 30ml


Trophy Mask, Web Face


Creepy Claws Demonic


Kreeper Fangs


Hyde Fangs


Grovel Fangs


Grimm Fangs


Gaul Fangs


Dead Fred Fangs