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Our LARP weapons have quickly become the favored foam weapons on the battlefield. Epic Armoury Unlimited is the only manufacturer who manufactures 6 types of distinct weaponry, geared at every type of LARPer. Our weapons are the safest in the industry and we offer the largest selection designed specifically for Live Action Role Playing. We carry a complete arsenal of swords, shields, daggers, staves, axes and maces held within our vast armory. We offer a 2 Year Warranty on all of our weapons, and take pride in designing and building our own unique brands of weaponry. If you need a weapon, we definitely have one that was made for you!

Weapons - All (416)

Ranger Sword, 85 cm


Small Sword, 85 cm


Dreki Sword, Gold - 85 cm


Stiletto Dagger, 47 cm


Assassin Unity Knives, 13 cm


Battleworn Viking Sword, 85 cm


Marauder Sword, 107 cm


Bastard Sword, Steel - 96 cm


Highborn Sword, Dark - 96 cm


Woodsman Knife and Holder, Black, 23cm


Woodsman Knife, 23cm


RFB Axe, 56 cm


Sun Hammer, 140 cm


Norman Shield, Wolf - White


Nodachi Sword, 140 cm


Caprine Sword, 135 cm


Dwarf Double Edge Sword, 85 cm


Battleworn Celtic Leaf Sword, 85cm


Scout Sword, 75 cm


Adventurer Sword, 85 cm