Epic Armoury Unlimited has brought forth a collection of LARP Leather Armor that was inspired by the creative imagination of LARP enthusiasts just like you. Imaginative fantasy leather armor and cuirasses designed to complete the look of your role play character. A series of models that were made for either a noble warrior or a simple assassin. All of our leather armors are made by hand giving the armor pieces an authentic period. These excellent quality leather armors are considered to be medium weight LARP armors and are intended for battle and can be worn as a costume piece at any medieval fair.

Larp Body Armor (Leather) (25)

RFB Viking Armor, Black (2nd Quality)


Female Leather Armor, Dark Brown And Red


Female Leather Armor, Black


Female Leather Armor, Brown And Red


Pax Armor, Red


Dark Elven Deal


RFB Fighter Armor, Brown, XLarge (2nd Quality)


RFB Fighter Armor, Black (2nd Quality)


RFB Viking Armor, Brown


RFB Viking Armor, Black


RFB Fighter Armor, Brown


RFB Fighter Armor, Black


Samurai Armor, Black


Samurai Armor, Red


Leather Soldier Armor, Brown


RFB Leather Armor, Brown


RFB Leather Armor, Black


King Leather Armor Deal


Celtic Armor, Brown


Celtic Armor, Black