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We are the best supplier of quality Medieval Armor (metal or leather) designed specifically for LARPing. Our Medieval Store carries an impressive amount of complete suits of LARP ready armor and armor parts that can equip any Medieval or Viking army. Our impressive, fully functional, suits of armor can be worn comfortably at Renaissance Fairs or live-action role-playing events. Epic Armoury prides itself on safety and durability in combat. Our fantasy armor protects the fighters from harm while providing exciting alternatives to the traditional style of bulky medieval armors. Within the confines of our armoury you will find Breastplates, Helmets, Greaves and Bracers that range from the classic medieval to high fantasy. Let us help you discover the ideal type of character you wish to play at your next LARP event! 

Medieval Armor & LARP Armor (353)

Scout Gauntlets, Dark Steel


Outrider Cuirass, Polyurethane


Palace Guard Cuirass with Tassets, Polyurethane


Barbarian Cuirass, Polyurethane


Outrider Greaves, Polyurethane


Palace Guard Greaves, Polyurethane


Barbarian Greaves, Polyurethane


Outrider Pauldrons, Polyurethane


Palace Guard Pauldrons, Polyurethane


Barbarian Pauldrons, Polyurethane


Palace Guard Vambraces, Polyurethane


Barbarian Vambraces, Polyurethane


Outrider Helmet, Polyurethane


Palace Guard Helmet, Polyurethane


Barbarian Helmet, Polyurethane


Illumine Cuirass Armor, Ancient Brass


Dreki Helmet, Matte Steel


Gut Plate, Dark Steel


Sabatons, Dark Steel


Sabatons, Polished Steel