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Faust Wand, Black - Epic Armoury Unlimited
Faust Wand, Black - Epic Armoury Unlimited
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Faust Wand, Black - 35 cm


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The Black Faust Wand is both knowledgable and cunning. It is a powerful magic wand that is dangerous to wield. This imposing 35 cm wand is adorned by a beautifully sculpted gold and silver dragon's head polyurethane grip, ending with a black wooden rod. This magic wand was built for one purpose only, to control and dominate the battlefield. Its power is nearly limitless, and its beauty is captivating yet dangerous for other Larpers. If a witch, sorcerer, or evil wizard can harness its magic, they will perform miracles never before seen.

Epic Armoury Wands are designed to be versatile and easy to use. Requiring little maintenance, these MAGICAL wands are perfect for LARP or cosplay. The polyurethane foam grip is hand-painted and highly detailed, fitting perfectly over a varnished wood wand. The wood and the grip can be separated and can be interchanged between other Epic Armoury wood-core wands. This allows for better customization and the ability to replace a broken tip.

Wooden wand shafts should be cleaned after extended use. The oils from your hands can eventually break down the wood’s finish, and extended time in a wet environment can cause stains and warping. Wipe your wand with a clean cloth or with some wood polish to maintain its appearance.

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