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Medieval Gear and Equipment is standard LARP gear used as a costume accessory for a roleplayer. We sell a wide range of Medieval and Renaissance accessories that add a touch of class to your fantasy outfits. Accessories such as utensils, compasses and thieves tools help complete your LARP character's costume while adding a perception a realism to the game. Customizing your LARP character will help define your personality and accentuate your roleplay experience. Having the perfect medieval belt or the ideal sword frog will help replicate the authentic feel for the period, enhance your gameplay, and bring you to another level of fun. You can find an array of medieval camp gear and period accessories for renaissance fairs or give a rich experience to live-action roleplaying. Buy props and trinkets form our awesome medieval market. 

Medieval Gear & Equipment for LARP (294)

Vegvisir Mug, Dark - 500 ml


Warrior Helmet - Latex


Skull Tiara


Laureli Diadem - Latex


Mystic Wand, Green


Wand Shoulder Holster, Brown


Wand Shoulder Holster, Black


Beruto Belt, Black


Beruto Belt, Brown


Silicone Protection Gel, 100 ml


Bear Fat Leather Care


Black Dark Elf Scabbard, Right


Celtic Drinking Horn, Light - 500 ml


Celtic Drinking Horn, Dark - 500 ml


Aegishjalmur Drinking Horn, Light - 500 ml


Aegishjalmur Drinking Horn, Dark - 500 ml


Horn Holder, Black


Adventurer Backpack, Brown


Dark Elf Belt, Brown


Galahad Shoes, Brown