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Our Medieval and Renaissance Pants and Trousers are appropriate for Renaissance Faires, LARPS, SCA or Medieval Events. Our selection of quality medieval pants fit both Men or Women and are the perfect period legwear for your fantasy event. If you play a Renaissance Noble or a Medieval Peasant, you can find awesome period legwear at great prices. Our breaches, hosen and pants come in a variety of colours and styles that are perfect if you play a Pirate, Viking or a Knight. We have period shorts to full length trousers that will go well with your Medieval costume. Most of our pants have a drawstring waist and are appropriate for Medieval or Renaissance marriages and Live Action Role Play events.

Medieval Pants / Renaissance Pants for LARP (29)

Medieval Single Hose, White


Landsknecht Pants, Red and Yellow


Samurai Pants, Red


Medieval Single Hose, Maroon


Medieval Single Hose, Ocre


Medieval Single Hose, Grey


Pants Samy, Desert Beige


Medieval Single Hose, Red


Proudfoot Pants, Brown