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Tusk Orc Mask, Green
Tusk Orc Mask, Green
Tusk Orc Mask, Green
Tusk Orc Mask, Green
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Tusk Orc Mask, Green


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The Tusk Orc Mask will get the rage of battle flowing through your veins. This green-skinned creature mask completely covers your head and is made from thick Latex. This very small mask is highly detailed and embellished by huge tusks protruding from the lower jaw. This costume mask has large breathing holes and eyes and designed to be worn during LARP combat. 



Since Latex is a natural product, regular care and maintenance of your Epic Armoury LARP Masks and prosthetic pieces is necessary to ensure their durability on the battlefield.

Silicone re-hydrates the Latex, keeping it supple and flexible and providing a small film to keep the surface protected from abrasions. You can never use too much silicone.

Note: Maintenance is required to obtain your right to claim our two 2-Year Warranty!

Cleaning & Inspection:

When you tend to your LARP mask it means that you both care for it and your own safety. Keeping a clean and maintained mask will help you enjoys your experience.

Wipe the surface of the mask down using a damp rag or sponge to remove dust and mud, grease or oils that can harm the latex.

Apply a liberal amount our 100% silicone on any surface that contains latex then wipe it evenly over the entire surface using a thin, dry cotton cloth. We recommend that you do so outdoors to avoid over-spray on your floors or furniture.

These preventive methods serve two purposes. The first is maintenance and the second allows you to visibly and physically inspect your mask before going to combat.

Prevent Doing The Following:

- Do not leave your latex mask lying in the sun over prolonged periods. The sun is devastating on all latex products. Leaving it in direct sunlight in your car will damage the prosthetic.

- Avoid touching your latex mask if you are using bug spray containing the ''DEET'' Chemical. Deet dissolves and chemically changes the composition of the latex. This process is irreversible and deteriorates the latex.

- Do not use any oils or chemicals other than 100% silicone to treat the latex. Most products sold in spray cans contain a compound to prevent the blocking of the nozzle. This chemical will damage the surface over time.