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At Epic Armoury Unlimited, we are working tirelessly to bring you new LARP product releases, such as LARP Weapons and functional Metal Armor, to become the best warrior at your game. In our LARP Store, you will discover newly released Foam LARP Swords, LARP Clothing and LARP Leather Armor designed to make you the best on the battlefield. You will find all of our great new designs in Foam or Latex Swords, fantasy  Armor and Medieval costume accessories to equip your fantasy LARP character. Get the latest LARP Gear designed to endure combat and bring out the best in your roleplay character.

New Larp Products (60)

Dreki Helmet, Matte Steel


Blunt Spear Tip


Sabatons, Polished Steel


Dreki Greaves, Matte Steel


Malignant Goblin, Rotten Green


Royal Soldier Chainmail, Steel


Double Headed Chaos Foam Axe, 140 cm


Dreki Belt Shields


Tactical Throwing Knife, 21 cm


Rugged Tanto, 55 cm


Noble's Throwing Knife, 22 cm


Shadow Torso Armour Suede


Illumine Cuirass Armor, Ancient Brass


Sendivogius Wand, Brown


Fafnir Wand, Black - 35 cm


Durentius Wand, White


Mystic Wand, Black


Enchanter Wand, White


Druid Wand, Dark Brown


Hunters Knife, 21 cm