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Epic Armoury Unlimited LARP Store has a series of special effects costume props and accessories that help add a little extra touch of reality to every player. We carry Costume Makeup and accessories like prosthetic vampire teeth, werewolf fangs and Elf Ears to trophy masks and fake body parts to help you portray your LARP character.  Our special effect products were designed for Live Action Role Playing, Renaissance Fair enthusiasts, Halloween and Cosplayers alike. Our costume masks, props and makeup were designed to be worn for extended periods. They will change your character's appearance in exciting new and ways and allow you to become the monster or individual you desire. Complete your costume with latex masks and makeup to transform yourself into the perfect LARP Orc or Zombie.

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Malignant Goblin, Rotten Green


Medieval Clothing Book, Viking Garments


Medieval Clothing Book, Shoes


Medieval Clothing Book, Headwear


Medieval Clothing Book, Basic Garments for Women


Medieval Clothing Book, Basic Garments for Men


Cloute Mask, Metal


Moko Mask, Metal


Jason Mask, Metal


Kratos Mask


Trophy Mask, Web Face


Chainmail Armor Making Book


Creepy Claws Demonic


Kreeper Fangs


Troll Fangs


Hyde Fangs


Grovel Fangs


Grimm Fangs


Gaul Fangs


Dead Fred Fangs