* Disclaimer:Epic Armoury Unlimited sells safe, foam and latex weapons only, these are not real weapons. *


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Epic Armoury Unlimited sells Live Action Role Play (LARP) products. We are the No.1 supplier for local distributors and retailers with the need for products that cover all aspects of the LARP hobby. We supply everything from personal character items like Foam & Latex Weapons, Pouches & Bags, Leather and Metal Armors, Medieval & Renaissance Clothing and a full range of Larp Accessories & Make-up. Within these categories, we offer a wide range of price-strong standardized quality equipment, to the high-end highly detailed equipment, with the main focus being on quality, durability and design.
Easy Online Ordering...
The Epic Armoury Unlimited website contains the complete assortment of LARP products. An in stock number displays the stock status of each item. We update the website on a daily basis to give you the most accurate account of our inventory. All orders placed through our site are considered preliminary, you will be contacted with the correct amount after our pickers and packers have gone through your order. A nominal shipping fee will be calculated after the order has been packed & weighed. You will also be able to look up your previous orders to avoid any errors. Just because we do not have it doesn't mean we cannot get it!  Please let us know if there are products you wish for us to carry.

If you have a registered company and a valid tax number and want to become an Epic Armoury Unlimited retailer, please contact us by filling out the “Create an Account Form” by clicking on login

Epic Armoury Unlimited wholesales to legitimate companies only. If you are a Larp please refer to Our Stores page to negotiate terms with your local dealers. TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR RETAILERS
These terms and conditions are accepted by the retailer in connection with placement of an order and will be available on www.epicarmouryunlimited.com at all time.

1. Receipt of Order and Conclusion of Agreement

1.1. Order Procedure
Immediately before final confirmation of the order online, the buyer will see the total amount of the order on the homepage. Before final confirmation of the order the retailer will get the opportunity to correct any typing errors or mistakes. Shortly after confirmation of the order the retailer will receive an e-mail at the e-mail address stated by the retailer as confirmation of the order. The e-mail contains order information confirmed by the retailer including a temporary order number, name and address, delivery address, summary of ordered products.

Before the order is shipped, Epic Armoury Unlimited will send an invoice by e-mail. GST and QST applicable. HST only on orders outside Quebec. The final agreement between the retailer and Epic Armoury Unlimited is considered concluded when Epic Armoury Unlimited has confirmed the placed order by mailing an invoice. The retailer is requested to check the invoice. If any information in the retailer’s opinion does not correspond with the placed order, the retailer is encouraged to save and print the order confirmation for later documentation if needed.

1.2. Changing closed and packed orders and Returns
If the retailer wishes to change a closed or already packed order or return a product that he/she does not wish to hold in store, Epic Armoury Unlimited has the right to charge an extra 10% handling fee.

1.3. Retailer information
The retailer is responsible and holds the risk for the validation of the entered information about the retailer. Epic Armoury Unlimited does not check this information.

1.4. Invoice
When the order is shipped Epic Armoury Unlimited will send a printed invoice together with the package/shipment. The retailer has 2 days upon receipt of the order to claim all missing or damaged items.

2. Prices and Payment

2.1. Prices and Currency
The price applicable is the price stated on the homepage in connection with the specific product on the day the order is placed. Orders with a delivery address in Canada will be charged the appropriate taxes according to provinces.

2.2. Cost of delivery (Shipping cost).
To any order placed with Epic Armoury Unlimited, cost of delivery is added to cover the shipping fee. The shipping fee will appear on the invoice and is usually about 10% of the total invoice. Some items may cost more for delivery.

2.3. Payment terms
Epic Armoury Unlimited takes pre payments before releasing orders.

2.4. Payment
Payments can be made by company check, credit card, bank transfers and Paypal. Epic Armoury Unlimited reserves the property right and title to products sent to the Retailer, until reception of payment in full.

3. Order & Delivery

3.1. Orders
Every online order is always treated as a single order.

3.2. Invoice
Invoice will be sent to the buyer within 2-3 business days depending on location and delays.

3.3. Backorders
Epic Armoury Unlimited will not register backorders of sold out items. When making a new order, you must add it to the next invoice.

3.4. Dispatch
The estimated dispatch time is within 1 business day after receiving payment documentation. Epic Armoury Unlimited cannot state a time of arrival of the order at the retailer’s address as Epic Armoury Unlimited cannot vouch for the local delivery services.

4. Copyright and Trademark
Epic Armoury Unlimited is the licensed owner of the Brand “Epic Armoury”, “Dark Moon”, “Epic Effect” and the “Ready for Battle” series, including copyrights and trademarks to the design and names of the products. We are also licenced dealers for all IDV Engineering Archery products.

5. Products from Epic Armoury Unlimited
All products of Epic Armoury Unlimited are mostly handmade and/or hand-painted and therefore unique. Therefore deviation in pattern, colour and shapes of the products can occur and these deviations are not considered as defects or faults. Be sure to follow all instructions on the maintenance to receive the full warranty.

6. Intellectual Property
All material on the Epic Armoury Unlimited website, including but not limited to images, artwork, text, audio clips, and video clips, are unless otherwise stated, owned and controlled by Epic Armoury Unlimited and may not in any way be reproduced, copied, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed without consent. Modifications of the material or use of the materials for any purpose is a violation of Epic Armoury Unlimited legal rights. For purpose of these terms, the use of any such material on any other web site or networked computer environment is prohibited unless explicitly stated otherwise. Any permission to use such material is issued in writing to be valid. The Epic Armoury, Epic Effect, Dark Moon and Ready for Battle logo is the exclusive trademarks of Epic Armoury Unlimited. Websites selling Epic Armoury products, and using pictures and material must have this text (below) written in the website terms section: Images property of Epic Armoury Unlimited

7. Engagement

Only authorized retailers and merchants specifically authorized by Epic Armoury Unlimited may retail and resell our products.

You agree to not to distribute or sell Epic Armoury Unlimited products to any other retailer or merchant unless you have obtained written consent from Epic Armoury Unlimited in advance of such distribution or sale.

In addition, as a retailer or merchant of Epic Armoury Unlimited products, you represent and warrant that you will not knowingly distribute or sell any counterfeit, illegal or fraudulent product which implies to be genuine. Epic Armoury Unlimited has the right to terminate this Agreement immediately in the event that you breach any of the obligations set forth in this paragraph.

8. Data Registration
Upon registration in the “Retailer Inquiry Form” the retailer will submit the given email address to the Epic Armoury Newsletter so the retailer continuously receives news and other information from Epic Armoury Unlimited. This service can at any time be unsubscribed without any cost for the retailer. Just mail “unsubscribed” to info@epicarmouryunlimited.com