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Larping Infos for the Avid Larper!

Welcome to Epic Armoury Unlimited's Larp Resource Page. You will find here valuable resources for Larping enthusiasts.

Larp Head Safety

With the growth in the Larp industry, it is important to be vigilant when it comes to Larp Head Safety.

How to Identify an IDV Arrow?

Choosing the right type of LARP Arrow should not only count for accuracy but also for safety.

Top 10 Larp Swords

Find and compare our Top 10 Larp Swords of 2018. We have tested all our Larp swords to help you decide what to buy.

Larp Roleplaying Guide

For some, it's not easy do decide which character to play. We have put together this character guide explaining classic Larp Classes.

Why Buy Swords from Epic Armoury?

When you buy an Epic Armoury Sword you are getting the best Larp weapon for your wallet, click here to discover why.

Renaissance Festival Business Opportunity

You might not know it, but Larp fits well into Renaissance Festivals. Discover how we can help your business get to new levels.

Larp Weapon Resistance Test Videos

Check out our stress test videos showing just what type of physical abuse our Larp weapons can take. You'll be amazed!

Epic Armoury Unlimited Web Banners

We are proud to present you our line of web banners that you can use on your own website and link back to our site.