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Sweepstake Winners

January Sweepstake Winner

January 2019

I would like to thank everyone at Epic Armory Unlimited for being so kind and generous to allow me the opportunity to win this sword. I would also like to thank everyone at the North Carolina based LARP "Lands of Exile", especially the LARP group "Legion", for introducing me to LARP, and all of the kind folk the LARP world has to offer.
Viking Larp Sword Winner

February Sweepstake Winner

February 2019

I was shocked to receive the e-mail telling me I had won the Inferno Ranger sword in your latest drawing. Almost could not believe it was true. But upon receiving it I am so pleased with the product as it enhance my reenactment persona as a knight. Thank you so much. I would recommend your products and company to all my friends.
Inferno Ranger Larp Sword Winner

March Sweepstake Winner

March 2019

April Sweepstake Winner

April 2019

Wow! Thank you to the Epic Armory Unlimited Team. In addition to recommending on your site I promise that this new sword will serve and what is already part of my best acquisitions!
Celtic Leaf Sword

May Sweepstake Winner

May 2019

July Sweepstake Winner

July 2019

August Sweepstake Winner

August 2019

September Sweepstake Winner

September 2019

October Sweepstake Winner

October 2019

November Sweepstake Winner

November 2019

December Sweepstake Winner

December 2019