Top 10 reasons to roleplay a Fighter at a Larp

Roleplaying a Fighter

Perhaps the most useful and multi talented class of character in Larping is the Classic Fighter. Knights, vikings, sword champions, paladins, and hardened mercenaries all share an unmatched mastery with Larp weapons and armor, and a ruthless knowledge of the tactics and skills of combat.

While playing a simple hack and slash fighter might seem unattractive to some, others excite at their usefulness and rigor for battle. Some might see a fighter as no more than a brute, hired to do the dirty work, but the average fighter is so much more! Fighters are often used as the first or last line of defense, and are often needed for any type of campaign adventure.

Most Fighters like to learn the basics of all combat styles and experiment with weaponry and armor. Beyond that familiarity, Larp fighters will usually specialize. Some concentrate on fighting with two weapons at once, while some become skilled with a pike and shield. This combination of broad general ability and extensive specialization makes fighters superior combatants on battlefields and in dungeon style combat situations.

1. You get to fight often

Combat for some can be a daunting and exhausting task with little to no reward except glory and title. As the fighter, your crave it! You are ready to jump into battle often--with or without your armor.

2. You get to wear the best armor

Armor can mean the difference between life or death. Few people are up to the task of wearing heavy armor for 2 solid days in warm weather. You, however, play the valiant soldier. You're strong enough to wear that level of protection and keep the fight going!

3. You get lots of glory

There is nothing like being the last person standing after a hard battle. Hearing the cheers, having your plate mail slapped in thanks as beads of sweat roll down your face feels as great as receiving a gold medal.

4. You are on the front lines

The best armored player with the shield usually gets picked first for any epic battle. When conflict arises, the local magistrate or innkeeper always knows who to ask to uphold or disturb the piece.

5. Simpler Game play

Efficient and effective sword fighting takes real practice! However, if you're looking for a simpler game, a fighter's role can be very straight forward. The fighter does not have to memorize a spell, figure out who the senate is plotting to assassinate, or spend hours finding the right scroll with the perfect ritual. If you want, you can spend your entire game on the battlefield.

6. You can be the hero

The chances of your character becoming a hero are pretty high. In order to delay mass destruction within your game world, an unwavering hero will be needed to dive in without hesitation. That person could likely be you as a brave and selfless soldier.

7. You get all the best weapons

As an elite combat class, you'll get all the biggest and best weapons. A fighter can tote around a wide array of larp weaponry that can be used in any situation. Fighters are usually the ones who get to fire the catapult, ballista or canon… who doesn’t want to do that?

8. You'll stay in shape

A fighter tend to wear the heaviest armor, so to sustain combat you'll need to work on your endurance! Endurance in combat is the difference between the life and death of your character. You must be able to have enough strength to fight or flee depending on the situation. Running while wearing 40 lbs of armor will quickly drain you otherwise.

9. You get lots of jobs

A fighter's job means you'll be called to protect, defend or attack. Simple? Maybe. Your job is never really routine and there are always surprise conflicts that will arise. Just make sure to negotiate your pay beforehand.

10. You'll save people, and be remembered for it

When a fighter dies during combat, they are often remembered for their bravery. Laying down one's life to save the party is truly honorable business, and your potential self-sacrifice will go on in the stories of players to come.