• La plus grande Boutique Médiévale et du GN au Québec


par Epic Armoury Unlimited

I had a conversation with Ludovic Letellier from "Les Chroniques D'Aeon", a local Quebec Larp chapter, who asked me a simple question that made me think a lot. I realized that we would reach a limit on the number of plots of land very soon. Everyone knows that there is a massive increase in the number of larps due to the growing demand from players. The industry is following close behind, supplying products and ideas, but the Government is lagging far behind.

The regional municipal bylaws and federal forestry laws prevent us from playing on good land, categorizing Larps under campgrounds or outdoor sporting events. And although National parks do not find camping and hiking detrimental to the environment, the Ministry of Natural Resources does. Claiming that we are preventing the ferns and brush from naturally growing. This is impossible you say? I claim this because I was there to hear it with my own ears while involved in a tribunal process. We were actually kicked out of an amazing piece of land for that exact reason.

At the time we owned Bestarius Grandeur Nature (Larp), and we had about 50 players playing on undeveloped land. We rented it out from a man and started to set up our tents in the clearings when we got a notice from the Government calling us to a meeting.

To make a very long story short we were told that we can cut every tree down and sell it as firewood and start a pig farm but could not set up a larp because we would damage the land. And we are not the only ones kick off other lots of land for about the same reason.


LARP Federation

There is talk of a federation, but that poses another problem, that calls on the Government to get involved, and that is never a good thing. There lies another problem, if the federation does go through, fees will be incurred and rules imposed to follow government policies.

Contracts will have to be signed, revenues and salaries declared union fees to be paid, and that would be the end of a great thing. There will be hell to pay if the Government gets involved. There is barely enough money to get you by a season imagine if you declared your revenue and were forced to pay the actors guild salaries to your animators.


Expensive to rent land for LARP companies

The scarcity of land has driven up the rental prices, and some owners have raised their prices out of reach for events under 150 players. Leaving only the largest events with the nicest places to play. Some owners have become greedy and demanding, but there's still hope out there.

Some landlords rent out their fields to smaller larps charging reasonable amounts, but they are becoming scarce. I foresee a movement between the larps. There will be bands of larps joining together to buy their own lands to operate their own personal Larps on. They need to do so to be able to operate. I wish it was as simple as in Europe, but I guess we have to deal with it.

Patrick Penning,
Epic Armoury Unlimited