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Stronghold LARP weapons are foam swords made to enhance your overall gameplay through esthetics and durability. If you need LARP weapons that look real, have great balance and resist harsh combat environments, then Stronghold is the way to go! They are ultra resistant foam swords designed for hard hitting Larp combat. Ultimately it would be up to you to decide bu it would be a shame for you to miss out on a sword that is so awesome and safe to wield in battle. 

While the appearance is a significant factor when conceiving these weapons, Stronghold mainly focuses on safety in battle. Stronghold uses quality Polyurethane Foam and is designed for shock absorption and durability. At the same time, it provides a soft surface impact for the players, and that is what makes Stronghold stand out above the competition. 

What you need to know about Stronghold Swords.

Stronghold comes in 2 variations of foam and density. Each adapted for a specific environment and cleverly designed for the user type. They are not just created, they are tested and modified using every material available to suit the LARP's worldwide. They have a superior durability over latex weapons and because they are full cast makes them extremely durable to wear and tear. Stronghold took several years to create and perfect the right density foam to live up to your Larp Characters demands. 

Stronghold Classic is the more basic model. It has a denser foam but a more flexible shaft and is available in shorter versions. Although the denser foam hits similar to a latex sword due to the thickness of the shaft, it holds up far better and longer than any latex weapon. 

Advantage Points: 

  • Tube tip for stabbing.
  • Super resistant Epic Foam
  • Round Fibreglass core
  • No maintenance
  • Latex-free
  • Lightweight

Negative points

  • Limited length
  • Limited models
  • No counterweight

Stronghold Master Collection is made with softer foam and has a weighted handle for better control and balance. They are fantastic to wield and hold up superbly against similar models from other brands.

Advantage Points: 

  • Tube tip for stabbing.
  • Super resistant Epic Foam
  • Oval Fibreglass core
  • Counterweight
  • Latex-free
  • Lightweight
  • Better control
  • Super soft foam

Negative points

  • Needs Lubricant like silicone to maintain the painted finish on the blade 

Stronghold Master Collection is truly the best bang for your buck, and you will not get a safer LARP sword for your roleplay event. 


Q & A about Stronghold Foam Swords:

Are they as resistant as Calimacil swords?

They may not be the same or use the same foam, but they are damn close to being as resistant. We can debate why we believe ours is better until we are blue in the face, but we want you to discover it for yourselves. Still, we don't want to be labelled as partisan to our own product, so we challenge you to try it yourself. Stronghold puts pride in the fact that they hurt less and offer a better balance with less flex and vibration. We put our foam to the test but we need you to prove our point!

Are they made in China?

Yes, they are made in China, but let's explain what exactly this means. Our Danish partner Iron Fortress, who owns the rights to the Brand, has his team dream it up and design it in house. They then worked with a team in China to develop and produce the foam used on the models. China produces it then they ship it out worldwide to thousands of swords and clients. 

I only want to buy local.

Good for you, that is why Epic Armoury & Stronghold exists. So you can have a local store sell all these great products giving you a chance to hold them in your hands before buying or a place to go if you have an issue. Epic Armoury Unlimited is there to serve just drop by our LARP Store, we're always ready to help. Oh By the way, we are the main Hub for North America! 

Does The Paint Peel?

This is a tricky answer, so we want to be real clear. On the Stronghold Master Collection ''only'', we discovered a weakness due to the extreme flex and friction of the foam. To our dismay, the paint does tend to come off the foam quicker when struck against another Stronghold Master Collection sword only. We discovered that a dab of lubricant completely negates this effect soooo, problem solved, right? No way, we want it to be maintenance-free, so we are moving forward to find a permanent solution.  

Will it pass weapons check at Bicolline? 

Every game master and weapons check is different but we assure you they will passat Bicolline and probably every other parp that accepts latex weaponry. There are real benefits to owning stronghold swords, and they make a real difference on the battlefield. Our foam density is identical on every weapon we sell. It is a real advantage when we can produce with actual expensive machinery instead of a small hand made factory. 

I heard that you can stab with Stronghold foam swords?

Technically yes, our foam sword will hold up and is very safe. But we don't recommend you risk it. It takes less than 7 lbs of pressure to damage an eye, and we don't want you to take that risk. We assure that in case of an accident, the flexible tube tip will do its job and absorb most of the impact. The soft tube tip will help deflect the blow but there are no certainties in life so don't do it on purpose. 

Are Stronghold foam swords better than latex swords?

That's a tough question to answer because it is subjective to the handler, but here we go. Latex swords tend to wear faster (piercing), thus exposing the foam and further weakening the latex coating every time you battle. Foam swords will lose their finish but remain entirely safe until worn down. Our Stronghold Master Collection swords have the same density as Latex weapons, thus hitting as soft. It makes them a better choice for warriors who do not like to care for their weapons. 

Are there any other issues I should know about? 

Let's just say that after 2-3 years of testing, the foam, rods, tips and glue there better not be. But if there is we've got your back with a 2-year warranty. Working with Denmark, giving our feed back and also testing it out here in Canada really helped. We have some real hard hitting larps and so we needed swords that will last as well as provide a safe gaming experience.