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Use our Polyurethane Foam Helmets as an alternative Armor type for your LARP, Renaissance Fair or Cosplay event. Foam helmets are hard and lightweight, offering both protection and relief during long hours of battle. Our foam helms can really take a beating, and they appeal to both the historical and fantasy genre warrior. Epic Armoury Foam Helmets will not rust or rot like conventional armor. They can also be repainted and heat formed to better fit your body. Foam Head Protection is an excellent alternative to steel or leather and will not fail you on the Battlefield. You may use this armor in combat or as a costume at your Renaissance Fair or Cosplay event. Our foam head armor will withstand severe blows from LARP Foam Weapons and looks real enough to fool the skeptics.

Foam Helmets (4)

Mercenary Helmet


Nordic Helmet


Knightly Helmet


Spartan Helmet