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Round Head LARP Arrow, Black Shaft
Round Head LARP Arrow, Black Shaft
Round Head LARP Arrow, Black Shaft
Round Head LARP Arrow, Black Shaft
Round Head LARP Arrow, Black Shaft
Round Head LARP Arrow, Black Shaft
Round Head LARP Arrow, Black Shaft
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Round Head LARP Arrow, Black Shaft


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Round Head IDV LARP arrows are the safest on the market. Designed for live action role-playing or tag style archery, our black shaft LARP arrows come with a 4-year guarantee on the shaft and tip. These high-velocity foam tip arrows are safer than open-celled foam arrows and fly further, faster and have more precision. 



Epic Armoury LARP bows and LARP Arrows are intended only for recreational use by individuals over the age of 10. Adult supervision is required to operate any bow.

Although LARP safe, we do not recommend that you shoot at unsuspecting people and never at animals. Keep both bow and arrows away from the eyes. These archery products contain flexible fibreglass cores and should never be used if damaged or broken.

Even though IDV had invested years of research and testing of its foam arrows there are certain security considerations players must take when using LARP arrows at an event.

Note: Maintenance is required to obtain your right to claim our two 2-Year Warranty on bows and a 4-year Warranty on IDV Arrows!

Think Safety:

Eye safety is the basic most useful form of protection for everyone. Racquetball style eye protection or visored medieval helmets with eye visors are the best choices for all players involved. However, ultimately, safety falls in the hands of the archer wielding the bow.

As an Archer, you are the one controlling the force of impact and area of effect of the foam arrow. In combat situations make sure you have a clean line of sight and shoot below the neckline. Remember to pull your shots when you are too close to your target.

Play Safe:

Do not attempt to self-repair the LARP bow or LARP arrow. Inspect your archery gear on a regular basis. Discard items if signs of stress appear on the surface. Do not shoot damaged arrows, especially with damaged impact absorption pads.

The powerful sun's rays can soften or warp fibreglass in no time. Do not leave in the sun or near a source of heat such as campfires or radiators.